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Translation process

Translation process: At Viettrans, we use a closed translation process to create the highest quality translations, with the fastest time to serve our customers.

Translation Process

  1. Get original documents from customers:

Customers can send documents by: coming to the office of the company, or email, fax, yahoo messenger, Express delivery or other forms, etc.

  1. Document analysis:

After receiving the documents need to be translated, the project management staff will study the specialty of the documents, customer requirements, deadlines, glossary, etc and and make plans to deliver to the translation office. The translation office will analyze the documents, choose the dictionary and organize the translation group accordingly.

  1. Translation

Translators agree specialized terminology in the documents, synchronize word, and translate. After the translation is completed, the editing group will revise, correct and standardize the document according to the original or the request of the customer.

  1. Check

The project staff receives the translation from the editing group and checks the document in the last time, if any errors are found, they will be forwarded to the editing group for revision.

  1. Delivery of documents to customers

Project staff deliver the completed documents to the customer on time or ahead of time and in accordance with the method of delivery as agreed with the customer.

  1. Warranty, edit on required

Document editing is fast and free if customers find the translation errors or need to add in order to create the best work effect for the customer.

Each completed translation is the product of the enthusiasm of a whole passionate group because of customer service mission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the best service.

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