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Laos Translation

Laos Translation: Viettrans provides Laos to Vietnamese translation services. Our team of translators have in-depth knowledge about translation of the hard specializations such as: economic contracts, financial statements, bidding documents, overseas study documents, documents of visiting relatives abroad. The translations are notarized by the competent authority and have legal effect nationwide; 100% of our clients who use Laos to Vietnamese translation services give the positive feedbacks and continue to use the services. Hotline: + 84 0947.688.883 – +84 0963.918.438.

Laos TranslationLaos is a Tai-Kadai language. At present, Lao is divided into two different styles, one by Lao – Viet Friendship Cultural Association, and the other in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese language is almost complete. Another school is transcribed into Latin. According to Article 89 of the 2003 Revision of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Lao alphabet is the official language for the official language, and is also used to record ethnic languages.

Vietnam and Laos have a very special relationship, the two mountain and river neighbors have a stripe, the brother-sister relationship between the two nations have formed and molded in the history of thousands of years to build the country. and water retention and especially for more than seven decades. In recent years, the relationship has been strengthened in terms of economy, education and health. The important projects have been implemented between Vietnam and Laos, besides, the demand for study and work between the two countries also increased. For that reason, the need for translation in the Lao language becomes more practical than ever.

With more than 8 years (since 2009) providing Laos translation services and having good feedback from corporate customers, we are confident that the best choice for our customers for providing Laos translation to Vietnamese, multi-specialized translation: economic – trade; finance – banking; construction – engineering; medical – pharmaceutical …

Why choosing an Laos Translation service at Viettrans

1.Professional Laos Translation Team: Throughout more than 9 years of development, Viettrans is a translation service provider for prestigious Laos institutions in Vietnam. Long experience with a team of translators, interpreters with high professional qualifications, proficient skills as well as professional translators in Laos translation, our company is committed to the best quality translation services. , to ensure the meaning, the words smooth. The translation of monosynthesis or bilingualism is presented in a beautiful, formal.

2.Processing diverse formats of documents: The leading technologies specialized for translation are applied at Viettrans (trados, AABBYY fine reader, Frame maker, word fast, photoshop, autocad) to process all the document formats that clients assign to us. Whether the documents are in paper or electronic form (Word, Exel, Powerpoint, PDF, Autocad, JPG …) our company assure to produce the translation 95% similar to the original documents. For hard-format documents, we will inform clients to use the DTP services (Desktop Publishing).

3.Scientific Translation Process: Viettrans applies scientific translation process through classification of specializations, selection of translators, revisers, DPT if needed, return of documents, after-sales service. All are well coordinated thanks to our team of translators and dedicated staff.

4. Easy payment of Laos translation services: In order to facilitate the transactions for clients, Viettrans has opened accounts at the system of large banks in Vietnam including: Sacombank, ABC, BIDV, Agribank, Vietinbank, Vietcombank. Clients can choose the method of payment either by bank transfer or in cash upon receipt of documents by COD method, completely favorable for clients.

Over the past years, we have been proud of our service through the complete satisfaction of our clients in using our Laos translation services and their commitments for further use. In the near future, Viettrans desires to continue to receive the trust, companion of our valued clients. We believe that the success of our clients is our success.

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