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Specialized translation

Specialized translation: Viettrans provides specialized translations for difficult documents such as technical documents, tender documents, assessment documents, environmental impact assessment, research topics, Master thesis, etc. The translation staffs have a lot of experience, good specialized knowledge, translations have high quality and accuracy, meet the strict requirements of customers.

Specialized translation

Difficult documents are in-depth analysis of a particular field. In addition to general information about the field, these documents often go into detailed analysis to clarify issues that need to be substantiated, explained, on that basis, make conclusions or proposals so that the issues can be further exploited when there are sufficient grounds to prove it.

For the conversion from languages to another languages of the specialized document or called specialized translation, in addition to the knowledge of the language, translators must have certain abilities to understanding specific subject.

Specialized translation: Right person, right thing is the critical key

The choice of translators for specialized translations is not easy because each translator is usually only competent in one or a few specialties such as: administrative – legal, economic documents, technical documents, biological documents, construction documents, insurance expertise documents, food technology, hydropower and hydrography, etc. Specialized translators in economics can only do their best when they are assigned the proper specialty in economics. In contrast, the translation of Biology is almost impossible to translate accurately. The crux of the problem lies in the specialized terminology that only experienced specialized translators can perform this documents in the correct language and meaning. Right person, right thing is extremely important factor to be able to create a perfect translation product.

Translation language is also a big barrier when translating specialized documents. There are translators who have a good knowledge of English in the field of mechanical engineering, but they cannot translate specialized documents because their source language is French. There are many cases of combo translation (example: English to Korean). The translation process takes two steps: translation from English to Vietnamese, then from Vietnamese to Korean, in this case, both the translators of English – Vietnamese and Vietnamese – Korean must have specialized knowledge, they are also necessary to coordinate with each other in order to convey the language so that the meaning of target language is closest to the original documents.

Why should we choose the specialized translation at Viettrans?

At Viettrans, to ensure quality in the process of specialized translation, we have also taken a specific classification of the subject as well as translation language. Corresponding to each kind of specialized documents, we arrange the qualified and experienced translators for each project. Our translators have a good knowledge and always focus on enriching their knowledge, updating the latest specialized news. In the translation process of specialized documents, our translators will regularly contact the customers to confirm the information, the specialized terminology to ensure a thorough understanding before translating. The specialized terminology in both Vietnamese and foreign languages are optimized to the maximum. When the document was completed preliminarily, it will continue to be verified by leading experts who work with great care to ensure the translation is as accurate as possible.

After more than nine years working in the field of professional translation in the Vietnamese market, Viettrans is proud of 100% of our satisfied customers with the specialized translation services we provide and take it as a measure of success for your business. Therefore, we always gain support and trust from customers with contracts for big partners such as Samsung Vietnam Co., ABBOTT, Southern Steel Corporation, Alembic Pharmaceuticals, WB, JICA, Government organizations such as Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Construction, Department of Planning and Investment of provinces and cities nationwide.

With a staff of strong professional skills and branch network across the country with more than 10 branches include: Hanoi translation office, Nghe An translation office, Quang Binh translation office, Hue translation office, Da Nang translation office, Binh Duong translation office, Saigon translation office and many other provinces, Viettrans will certainly satisfy customers with our absolute precision specialized translation service.

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