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Financial statements translation

Financial statements translation: Viettrans is the financial statements translation provider for international prestige organizations from language to vietnamese. Translators are knowledgeable in finance, accurate translations of content, nice presentation. Hotline: + 84 0963.918.438 – +84 0947.688.883

Consolidated financial statements are economic information that reflects the financial, business and cash flows of an enterprise that meets the needs of its users in making economic decisions. The complete financial statement must include the following parts: balance sheet, business results report, cash flow statement, financial statement, balance sheet, Corporate income tax finalization  and associated appendices

Financial statements translation

The implementation of the enterprise accounting system is based on the laws of each country, however, for enterprises operating in Vietnam, financial reports should be translated into Vietnamese (this process is called  financial statements translation and translation notary). The financial statements of the main component enterprises are still figures, although the terms are not many but require translators to translate financial statements with knowledge of finance, currency and basic skills. The translator must translate accurately on the content, the presentation format is almost the same as the original as possible.

Founded in 2009, with the experience of a team of translators who are knowledgeable about Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Viettrans translates financial reports according to current regulations of the host countries (Vietnam Accounting Standards (VAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS))

Financial statements translation in Viettrans include the following langguages

Financial statements translation from English to Vietnamese and vice versa

Financial statements translation from German to Vietnamese and vice versa

Financial statements translation from French to Vietnamese and vice versa 

Financial statements translation from Russian to Vietnamese and vice versa

Financial statements translation from Japanese to Vietnamese and vice versa

Financial statements translation from Korean to Vietnamese and vice versa

Financial statements translation from Chinese to Vietnamese and vice versa

Translation and notarization of many other rare languages as required by customers.

The translation is stamped by the company (free of charge + stamp of the first set) or notarized at a competent authority (at the request of the customer), the notarization is valid throughout the territory of viet nam

Why choose us for financial statements translation into vietnamese?

1. Professional financial statements translation teamThese do not simply translate from one language to another but also requires a translator who has specialized knowledge to use the correct terminology. Moreover in the translation process, detect errors in the translation process bids to advise customers for the completed profile.

2. Handling all document formats: by applying the latest technology in translation, Viettrans has the ability to translate in all document formats: paper, electronic file (word, Exel, JPG, PDF, Autocad …). The document is processed and translates to 95% of the original document. In the case of some extremely complicated documents, we will consult with the customer for further use of the DTP service. 
3.Commitment on time: for Financial statements translation, The timely completion of the project, but still must ensure the accuracy of content is always our top priority.

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