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Bids and tenders translation

Bids and tenders translation : Viettrans provides bids and tenders translation for key projects in Vietnam. Bids and tenders teams have high knowledge of bidding and law, nice presentation,  100% approval documents according to vietnamese law. .

The bids and tenders for construction in Vietnam complies with the bidding law No. 43/2013 / QH13 dated 26 November 2013 and Decree No. 30/2015 / ND-CP dated 17 March 2015. Accordingly, the implementation of projects and works with capital from foreign organizations, foreign contractors or foreign direct investment, must complete the bidding documents in Vietnamese. It must translate from foreign language to Vietnamese or vice versa (this process is called translation of bids) so that investors may consider the selection of contractors to implement.The selected contractor for the implementation must have sufficient capacity for construction and professional capacity in participation in contractual construction activities. it must have a set of bids and tenders documents with pre-specified languages, that conforms to the Requests in both Vietnamese and foreign languages

bids and tenders translation in viettrans

What kind of documents in bids and tenders translation ?

Before construction, the investor will issue the bidding documents including the following: invitations for bids, instructions for contractors, bid forms, contractual conditions: general and specific conditions, technical specifications, lists of quantities and withdrawals, and necessary annexes, customary tenders and performance guarantees. This document presents and clearly and accurately describes the work to be performed, the location of the work, the goods to be delivered, the place of delivery or installation, the time of delivery or completion, minimum work completion requirements, and guarantee and maintenance requirements, as well as other appropriate terms and conditions. In addition, forms of verification, standards, and procedures will be developed to assess the suitability of the goods delivered or the works to be carried out with specific specifications as request.

Bids and tenders translation must make sure  correct content (using proper terminology) and form.

Why choose us for bids and tenders translation into vietnamese?

1. Professional bids and tenders translation teambids and tenders translation do not simply translate from one language to another but also requires a translator who has specialized knowledge to use the correct terminology. Moreover in the translation process, detect errors in the translation process bids to advise customers to overcome in order to increase the advantage to the contractor by the complete profile: precise in content and nice form.

2. Bids and tenders translations in languagesWith in-depth experiences in professional translation (from 2009), Viettrans could translate more than 30 kinds of common languages such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish Czech, Japanese, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, Laotian. Viettrans certainly can meet all translation requirements of tender customers 
3. Handling all document formats: by applying the latest technology in translation, Viettrans has the ability to translate in all document formats: paper, electronic file (word, Exel, JPG, PDF, Autocad …). The document is processed and translates to 95% of the original document. In the case of some extremely complicated documents, we will consult with the customer for further use of the DTP service. 
4.Commitment on time: for bids and tenders translation, The timely completion of the project, but still must ensure the accuracy of content is always our top priority. Upon receiving any translation project bids, our company also appoints the leader of the project, the team leader will select the members to participate in the project. Each member is a translation expert: translation expert contract economist, translation expert, translation interpretation specialist, translation company proficiency profile, expert translator status report finance. This dossier, after being completed by the project team, will continue to be reviewed by the final Checker (Quality Control) prior to delivery to the customer within the time limits set by the parties.

If you are having difficulty in bids and tenders translation, please contact us.

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