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Technical translation

Technical translation: Viettrans provides multi-disciplinary technical translation services: engineering, electronics, refrigeration, computer science … in English, Japanese and Chinese. Team of experienced translators, master the specialized terminology, translation is presented beautifully (as 99% the original ). Hotline: + 84 0963.918.438 – +84 0947.688.883

Technical translation: lack of translators, difficult to present

Technical translationIn the field of translation, it can be said that translation of technical documents is the most difficult translation field. Apart from the problem of language comprehension, translators in charge of translating technical documents must have a certain knowledge. Specialized in translation. In fact, because this field is very complex, must invest a lot of effort, time … to expect to bring the translation. There are many translators who have to quit because they have invested a lot of gray matter, have to research and ask a lot, especially when there is a new equipment, tools, processes … they have to take time for reading comprehension, from the new understanding can give the best possible translation.

One of the other difficulties in the translation of technical documentation which is the scope of subjects is too large, meanwhile a translator only has the strength of a single language and knowledge of a few specialized . Moreover, the documents often have complex forms (pictures and scripts are often interlocked), which makes it difficult for the translator to justify translation and alignment in the presentation of the translation and  terms of finishing time is also a burden that translators need to get over.

Why choose us for Technical translation ?

1. Professional Technical translation teamTechnical translation do not simply translate from one language to another but also requires a translator who has specialized knowledge to use the correct terminology.

2. Technical translations in languagesWith in-depth experiences in professional translation (from 2009), Viettrans could translate more than 30 kinds of common languages such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish Czech, Japanese, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, Laotian. Viettrans certainly can meet all translation requirements of tender customers 
3. Handling all document formats: by applying the latest technology in translation, Viettrans has the ability to translate in all document formats: paper, electronic file (word, Exel, JPG, PDF, Autocad …). The document is processed and translates to 95% of the original document. In the case of some extremely complicated documents, we will consult with the customer for further use of the DTP service. 
4.Commitment on time: for Technical translation, The timely completion of the project, but still must ensure the accuracy of content is always our top priority. 

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