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Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translation

Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translation: Viettrans provides books, magazines translation service to vietnamese for organizations in need. Translators are highly qualified; use the right terms, nice presentation. 100% of customers have used the service with good feedback and continue.

Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translations to vietnamese

Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translations: For Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure of organizations in the Vietnam, the translations of the document into the Vietnamese language is an essential requirement. However, books, catalogs, magazines and brochures are hardly academic. In addition to ensuring the content when converting from other languages into Vietnamese, the style in the translation should also be close to the cultural characteristics of the Vietnamese. 

Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translations are high-level translations. Only high-level translators could undertake these difficult works. These are meticulous processes from translation to editing, revision, DTP to as the increasing demand of readers. Moreover, for books, magazines, catalogs usually have long-form content. To be able to complete, the entire translation team must have consistency in the technical terms as well as the spirit of cooperation to complete the work on time and quality.

At Viettrans, we apply strict and scientific translation process to be able to best meet the requirements of customers: Analysis and assessment of documents, selection of personnel, appointment of supervisors and managers for quality, revision, staging DTP, etc for the sole purpose of providing customers with quality products of content, complete formality.

With more than 8 years (from 2009) providing services and gaining the trust of customers are businesses, organizations, we confidently are the best choice of customers in the supply of Book, Catalog, Magazine and Brochure translations from foreign languages into Vietnamese and vice versa accurately.

Why choose us for Book, Catalogue, Magazine and Brochure translation

  1. Professional Book, Catalog, Magazine and Brochure translations staff:

As one of the first professional translation companies providing Book translation services in Vietnam (since 2009), we are honored to be the translation partner of many reputable organizations, businesses and publishers which are doing business in Vietnam. With long experience and the staff of translators, interpreters with high professional qualifications, proficient skills of Book translators, our company commits providing the best quality translation services and ensuring the meaning, the smooth words.

  1. Logical  translation process:

We apply the scientific translation process from specialized classification, translator selection, translation revision, DPT if needed, return documents, after-sales service. All are well coordinated thanks to our dedicated staff of translators.

  1. Diverse processing of document formats:

Viettrans applies leading-edge technologies for translation (trados, AABBYY fine reader, frame maker, word fast, photoshop, autocad) to process all document formats that our customers deliver. Whether the documents in the form of paper or electronic files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Autocad, JPG …), our company can process, ensure that the Book translation when completed is same with the original 95%. For hard-coded documents, we will inform customers to use more DTP services (electronic form).

  1. Easy payment:

For the convenience of customers, Viettrans has opened accounts at major banks in Vietnam including Sacombank, ABC, BIDV, Agribank, Vietinbank and Vietcombank. This is a convenient banking system in international transactions, please see our payment options to select the appropriate transaction bank.

  1. Affiliates in many provinces and cities:

Throughout the development process, we have translation offices in Ha Noi, Hue, Da Nang, Saigon, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Can Tho and translation centers throughout the country. Branch offices operate in accordance with the rules, regulations of the company uniform under the national system.

The implemented projects of our company are highly appreciated by customers and gained the trust of the translation quality. It is the result of a professional translation quality management system, the enthusiasm and translation experience of our Book translation staff.

Please contact us for best service.

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