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Hung Yen Translation

Hung Yen Translation: Viettrans provides translation and notarized translation of specialized documents in English, Japanese, Chinese, etc in Hung Yen. The staff of translators have high professional qualifications, knowledge of many specialized disciplines, documents of notarized translation have national legal value. Hotline: +84 0947.688.883 – + 84 0963.918.438 – Email: sale.viettrans@gmail.com

Hung Yen TranslationHung Yen is located in the center of the Red River Delta of Vietnam. Hung Yen has focused on reviewing, renovating and implementing synchronously and effectively mechanisms and policies, practical solutions to improve the investment and business environment and enhance the competitiveness;

Hung Yen, its own advantages through many specialized and open mechanisms so as to become a locally attracted place for foreign investment leader. The projects which have been implemented by domestic and foreign corporations promise to change the face of Hung Yen. The flow of investment from reputable domestic and foreign corporations promises a lot job opportunities. Besides, the demand for travel, study abroad, visiting relatives in foreign countries is also increasing. For the above reasons, the demand for translation and notarized translation services in Hung Yen has become one of the essential needs..

Founded in 2009, Viettrans is one of the first companies to provide translation services in Hung Yen for prestigious organizations in the area: Hoya Glass Disk Việt Nam II,Hyundai Aluminum Vina, Tae Yang Việt Nam, DongYang, Mirae Fiber, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Lotte, Posco, Shinhan, Hyosung, Hanwha. The implemented projects by our company are highly appreciated by customers and gained the trust of the quality of translating and interpreting, which is the result of a system of professional translation quality management, the enthusiasm and long-year experience of our translation staff

Hung Yen Translation: Interpretation, multilingual translation and notarized translation in Hung Yen.

Viettrans provides multilingual translation in Hung Yen: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Latin America, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia

Multidisciplinary Translation services: Notarized Translation of specialized documents in Economics / Commerce; Agriculture / Fisheries; Architecture/ Building; Energy / Petroleum; Banking / Finance / Accounting; Electrical / Electronic Engineering / Electrical Appliance; Medicine and pharmacy/ Medicine; Legal / Law / Justice; Business & Finance / Marketing; Technique/ Mechanics; Food Technology / Biology; Notarized Translation 

Notarized translation service: Certificate of seal registration, Bank statements, VAT returns, Bachelor’s degree, Secondary school diploma, High school certificates, Certificates, School records, Student ID card, Driving license, People’s identity card, Retirement certificate, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, Judicial Records, Social insurance book, Land use certificate and many other papers required by customers.

In addition to translation services, Viettrans also provides short and long-term interpretation services for organizations and individuals with three levels of needs:

Level 1 (normal communication for small groups of 1-3 people): suitable for the needs of sightseeing, tourism, exploration of culture and investment environment.

Level 2 (group of 5-10 people): suitable for: Interpretation of seminars, trade negotiation, internal meeting, installation of factory equipment.

Level 3 (group of over 10 people): Suitable for: Specialized interpretation, conference interpretation.

The staff of interpreters who are proficient in listening and speaking skills as well as having high specialized knowledge will surely satisfy customers.

Instructions for use of Hung Yen translation service:

To use Hung Yen translation services of Viettrans, please follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Call to Hotline: 0963.918.438. Mr.Hung – 0947.688.883. Mr.Khuong to advice on services.

Step 2: Send the scanned document (or quality pictures: no warping between the upper and lower part of the document) in PDF, Word, JPG format to email: sale.viettrans@gmail.com or Zalo of either Hotline number above.

Step 3: Receive service quotation from our sales department (respondents will indicate their name and phone number) by email or phone or Zalo: Include translation fee, estimated completion time, payment method, mode of delivery and receipt of records.

Step 4: Confirm the service on email (eg I agree to translate with the time and price as above, ask the company to do) and provide information of delivery, VAT invoice (if any)

Step 5: Payment of service advance fee 30% – 50% of the order value.

Step 6: Receive translation and payment for current service fee. We are currently accepting payment in cash (at the nearest branch office), bank transfer, or payment upon receipt of the translation.

Note: For interpreting services, please contact us 5 days in advance to arrange the staff.

With a system of more than 10 branches include: Translation office in Hung Yen, Translation office in Vinh – Nghe An, Translation office in Quang Binh, Translation office in Dong Nai , Translation office in Binh Duong, and many other provinces operate in a unified model, Viettrans will surely satisfy customers when using our Hung Yen translation services.

Contacts us

Hotline: Mr. Khương CEO: + 84 0947.688.883 – Mr. Hung + 84 0963 918438 

Email: sale.viettrans@gmail.com

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